Legal and ethical issues

The dementia review identified two book chapters focusing on law and ethics of dementia, one of which provides a broad overview on legal aspects on dementia, whilst the second focuses more specifically and driving. No other books or reports focusing specifically on legal or ethical issues on dementia were found.

The Law and Ethics of Dementia

Donnelly, M, D
Hart Publishing Ltd

Two authors from ROI contributed to this book discussing the many complex legal and ethical issues associated with dementia. The book is written from the perspectives of clinicians, lawyers, ethicists, those living with dementia and caring for someone with dementia.

Donnelly’s chapter introduces the section on legal perspectives providing a general overview that sets the scene for the chapters to follow; the section discusses issues as diverse as assessing capacity, proxy decision making, being lost and the use of new technology with people who have dementia.  O’Neill contributes a chapter on dementia and driving in a section on social perspectives that considers a range of issues, namely, discrimination, physical, financial and other abuse, driving, voting and political participation.