Acute care

Report of the Irish National Audit of Dementia Care in Acute Hospitals

De Siún, A., O’Shea, E., TIMMONS, S., McArdle, D., Gibbons, D., O’NEILL, D., Kennelly, S.P., Gallagher, P.
National Audit of Dementia Care

The first national audit of dementia care in acute hospitals in ROI was undertaken in 2013 to assess how well 35 acute hospitals were caring for people with dementia by measuring current practice against international best practice guidelines.

Four audits were conducted in each hospital, namely: Organisational Audit, the Healthcare Record Audit, the Ward Organisational Audit and the Environmental Audit. Ten headings were used to report on the findings from the audit: Governance, Assessment, Mental Health and Liaison Psychiatry, Nutrition, Information and Communication, Staff Training, Staffing and Staff Support, Physical Ward Environment, Discharge Planning and Discharge, and Palliative Care. The findings led to 47 detailed recommendations to ensure that acute hospitals have policies and practices in place to make sure that people with dementia have the best possible care in these settings.