Ageing, cognitive disorders and professional practice

Fitzgerald et al. (2013) point to the increasing number of people over 65 years remaining in the workplace and the potential impact of cognitive decline, particularly among those in the liberal professions.  They distributed a questionnaire to 22 regulatory and professional bodies to assess whether their policies and practices were ‘age attuned’.  None of the respondents had supports in place for older workers with chronic conditions such as dementia to continue to work safely and effectively, with over half stating that professionals were responsible for their own health and safety.  The authors suggest that a joint initiative between occupational health, geriatric medicine and old age could assist professional and regulatory bodies, and protect the public, pointing to a current independent model of support in the UK; The National Clinical Assessment Service.

Ageing, cognitive disorders and professional practice
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FITZGERALD, D., KEANE, R., REID, A., and O’NEILL, D. 2013. Ageing, cognitive disorders and professional practice. Age and Ageing. 42, pp. 608–614.