Briefing Paper on Dementia Diagnosis

This briefing paper by Cahill and Pierce (2014) was commissioned by Genio Ltd in advance of the publication In ROI of the Irish National Dementia Strategy. It describes where and by whom people receive a diagnosis of dementia, provides information on common standardised instruments used in cognitive assessment, the diagnostic criteria recommended for use, the value of neuropsychological testing and current thinking about best practice on disclosure patterns. It gives an overview of approaches to dementia diagnosis in five countries, namely England, France, the Netherlands, Norway and Australia. The final part of the paper identifies key actions for consideration in ROI to support the assessment and timely diagnosis of dementia. 

Briefing Paper on Dementia Diagnosis

Cahill, S. and Pierce, M. (2014) Briefing Paper on Dementia Diagnosis, Briefing Paper No. 3, Genio Dementia Series, Genio, Mullingar.