In this paper Cunningham at al. (2015) provide an overview of dementia, from clinical diagnosis to both pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of the condition. The authors discuss current prevalence and socio economic implications. They detail clinical and pathological aspects of different types of dementia and the potential for overlapping disease processes. Referring to the current process and tools of diagnosis, they suggest a framework for assessing patients with cognitive symptoms. The recent decrease in age related dementia is highlighted and the authors suggest greater efforts are needed to continue the focus on improved public health measures that address recognised protective factors. The authors also highlight the importance of early diagnosis, particularly in the context of developing therapeutic drug treatments.
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Cunningham, E.L., Mc Guinness, B., Herron, B. and Passmore, A.P. (2015) Dementia, Ulster Medical Journal, 84 (2), pp.79-87