Dementia 2012: A National Challenge

This is the first in a series of annual reports produced by the Alzheimer’s Society (UK) examining how well people with dementia are living in England, Wales and NI. Findings of the report are based on a questionnaire distributed to people living with dementia and a YouGov poll of the general public. The report found that only 22% of people living with dementia said that they are living very well with dementia and only 7% of the general public perceive people with dementia to have either a very good or fairly good quality of life. The report targets five key areas in its recommendations: awareness and understanding; health and social care systems; information and support for people living with dementia; recognition of people with dementia as active citizens; investment in research; informing people with dementia about research and opportunities for participation.

Dementia 2012: A National Challenge
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Lakey, L., Chandaria, K., Quince, C., Kane, M. and Saunders, T. (2012) Dementia 2012: A National Challenge, Alzheimer’s Society, London.