The Dementia Tax

This report was produced by the Alzheimer’s Society (UK) to inform the debate on the funding of care and support for people with dementia. The report, which follows the Society’s first Dementia Tax report (2008), suggests that people with dementia face the highest costs of care of any group and have to pay the most towards their care to the extent that the authors consider this a ‘Dementia Tax.’ Almost 4,000 people either living with dementia (411) or caring for someone with dementia were surveyed (1% of this population resided in NI). The report primarily focuses on England but has influenced policy development in Wales and NI. Key indicators of a better funding and charging system of care are suggested: people with dementia living at home for longer with better social contact; less people going into hospital and shorter hospital stays; more choice in relation to care at home and in formal care environments; the provision of specialist dementia care in care homes. The report also calls on the government to ensure an open public debate is held on the Dilnot Report (2011), with greater clarity and scrutiny of this report, recognition of the contribution of families to providing care, changes to care regulation, and creating better systems to reward and retain care staff. 

The Dementia Tax

Alzheimer’s Society (2011) The Dementia Tax, Alzheimer’s Society, London