Genio Dementia Programme: Evaluation of Year 2

This study is a follow-up to the Genio Dementia Programme Evaluation of Year 1, which examined the operations and impact of the Programme in 2013. It was based on the completion by the four sites of a semi-structured questionnaire and interviews with projects leads and other consortia members. The report outlines the changes to and realignments of the original project objectives and improvements in the functioning and relationships of the various consortia (described in a separate paper) driving the projects towards person-centred models of care. The four projects have been able to embed/integrate into the HSE to varying degree. Public awareness of dementia has increased significantly over the two years of the project, although developing a common language firmly based on personhood and person-centre care is an ongoing challenge. Improvement in attitudes to dementia among the public, health care providers and families were also evident in all four sites. New person-centred initiatives were launched in the areas of individualised supports, respite care and integrated care. Progress was made in relation to technology, which is being used to augment person-centred care for people with dementia. Advances were made with regard to training and education by the projects with some focusing on families and volunteers, and others on primary care teams, GPs, public health nurses, home helps and dementia support workers. The report documents the key improvements made by the sites, the year highlights and the challenges facing the sites.
Genio Dementia Programme: Evaluation of Year 2
O’Shea, E. and Monaghan, C. (2015) Genio Dementia Programme: Evaluation Year 2, Galway: Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, National University of Ireland, Galway.