Prevalence and Projections of Dementia in Ireland

Providing estimates of dementia prevalence and projects was a key objective of the research review of dementia in ROI (Cahill et al., 2011a). However, the estimates reported in the review were based on the 2006 Census of Population. Hence, a new Census of Population was conducted in 2011 and the 2006 estimates were updated in a new report for ROI. Applying the EuroCoDe dementia prevalence rates, it estimated that there were almost 48,000 people with dementia in 2011 and based on the most recent population projections, there could be as many as 90,000 people with dementia in ROI by 2031. Unlike the prevalence estimates for NI, this report provides an estimate of the number of women and men with dementia in ROI and points to the need for a gendered analysis to be taken to dementia.  

Prevalence and Projections of Dementia in Ireland
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Pierce, M., Cahill, S. and O’Shea, E. (2014) Prevalence and Projections of Dementia in Ireland, 2011-2046, Genio, Mullingar.