Turning up the Volume: unheard voices of people with dementia

This report by the Alzheimer Society UK covers England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It analyses the results of the largest scale survey of people with dementia carried out by the Society, coupled with in depth interviews. These results were combined with a survey of carers and of the general public. Chapter one reports on the findings and includes a number of case studies. Over half of the public feel that their life would be over if they received a diagnosis of dementia and there is also evidence that fear and stigma continue to create resistance to actually getting a diagnosis. Over 60% of carers believe their health has been negatively impacted by the experience of caring and also report a real financial impact. Many people with dementia and carers feel abandoned by the system. In 2010 a series of statements relating to how people with dementia want to live were created by what later became known as the Dementia Action Alliance. Chapter 2 of the report details the updated versions of these statements while chapter 3 challenges government, care providers and the public to play their part in creating a new, better deal for people with dementia.
Turning up the Volume: unheard voices of people with dementia
Carter, D. and Rigby, A. (2017) Turning up the volume:unheard voices of people with dementia, London, Alzheimer's Society, U.K.