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Financing Dementia: What money is available, what does dementia need and will the required resources be received?

Alzheimer Society of Ireland

In a later report, Trepel (2012) examines the different ways in which healthcare systems can be financed and resources distributed to those in need of healthcare.

He describes the unique public-private mix of financing health care in ROI, the two-tiered system of healthcare that has evolved, and the implications that this has for dementia care in ROI. Trepel (2010) highlights the absence of a clear budget line for dementia care. With increasing age dependency ratios meaning that fewer resources will be available in the future, he argues that the Irish government needs to make a financial commitment to dementia, guided by the principles of social solidarity, social sustainability and interdependency. To meet the needs of people with dementia and their carers and promote their quality of life, he argues that the “social contract” paid for during the productive years needs to be demonstrably upheld and contractual responsibility of private health insurers recognised.   

An Economic Perspective of Dementia Care in Ireland: Maximising Benefits and Maintaining Cost Efficiency

Alzheimer Society of Ireland

Trepel (2010) examines the international evidence on dementia in relation to prevention, care and cure and considers how the evidence can be used to inform decisions about spending on dementia that will maximise benefits to society and at the same time maximise optimal cost efficiency, and in par

ticular the implications for ROI. He concludes that investing in services and interventions to support carers is essential to achieving cost-effectiveness in dementia care. 

An Economic Analysis of Home Care Services for People with Dementia

Alzheimer Society Ireland
This expert paper commissioned by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland addresses a range of questions raised in relation to home care for people with dementia including when is care required for people with dementia; who provides the care to people with dementia and what type of home care is currently p
rovided to people with dementia. In considering how care is best provided to people with dementia, the report suggests a number of approaches including a case management approach; monitoring of care to ensure that the required care is provided; and making use of available information. It then considers the economic argument for home care, and suggests that home care makes economic sense as the costs are lower than residential care, but that there is a need to consider the dynamic relationship between providing care for people with dementia and how this is balanced the competing priorities elsewhere in society.