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Dementa Learning and Development Framework

Dementi Together NI
Dementia Together NI
This framework was developed as part of the Delivering Social Change Programme in Northern Ireland and applies to all employers and educational organisations that provide training to health and social care staff and students.
Developed by staff, academics and regulators, the framework has also been informed by people living with dementia and their carers. It’s aim is to ensure that all of those working with people who have dementia have the knowledge and skills to deliver high quality care. The framework is designed to support: identification of what skills and expertise are needed, identification of gaps in knowledge and skills, facilitation of the planning for ongoing development and trainng; development and delivery of training and preparation for career progression. Adopting a tiered approach to support people at different stages of knowledge the framework addresses thirteen themes from dementia awareness to leadership in transformational dementia care. Each theme is contextualised, supported by statements from people living with dementia, the audience for the theme is identified, knowledge and skills outcomes provided with a recommended reading list. The framework emphasises a collaborative approach to supporting people to live well with dementia.