Key dementia and related policy

This section provides an overview and brief summary of key dementia and dementia-related policy documents in ROI and NI that have been published between 2010 and 2017. Dementia is a relatively new policy area, but several countries across the world have now developed or are in the process of developing national dementia strategies or plans. On the island of Ireland, NI was first to publish its National Dementia Strategy in 2011 and a National Dementia Strategy was launched in ROI in 2014. In addition to the national dementia strategies, there are other areas of policy for which there are national policy documents that have much relevance for people with dementia and their families.

Decisions about which documents to include are based on the following rationale: 

  • The majority of people with dementia are older people and thus ageing-related policy is relevant. ROI has produced a National Positive Ageing Strategy, while NI recently released an Active Ageing Strategy.

For more information about the selection criteria used and further information on the policy context please click here 

The policy documents summarised are organised by these policy areas: