Research (journal articles/books and reports) Index

The development of an index for the research literature (journal articles and books and reports) involved an iterative process.

First, all journal articles were read by the two authors and the key theme initially identified. Second, once all journal articles had been read and organised under thematic headings, the authors considered several frameworks within which the themes could be organised. It became apparent that most of the thematic headings aligned well with the priority areas of action in national dementia strategy in ROI as well as the strategy in NI. Since the research review was intended to inform the policy making process, it seemed prudent to organise the journal articles as far as possible according to the priority areas of action and use these as the basis upon which to select the final headings for the index (Table 3). Although there is not an exact fit, the alignment between the index headings and the priority areas of action in the two dementia strategies is quite good. 

Table 3: Index headings and alignment with priority areas for action in national dementia strategies in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland                

Index Headings

Dementia strategy (NI)

Dementia Strategy (ROI)

Frameworks for thinking about dementia



Policy and legislation

Legislative change


Prevalence and costs



Risk reduction and delaying dementia onset  

Reducing the Risk or delaying the onset of dementia (Priority area of action)

Awareness of modifiable risk factors for dementia (Sub-theme of better awareness and understanding)

Raising awareness (Experience, knowledge and attitudes)

Raising awareness (Priority area of action)

Better awareness and understanding (Priority area of action)  

Early assessment, diagnosis and disclosure

Promoting early assessment and diagnosis (Priority area of action)    

Timely diagnosis and intervention (Priority area of action)

Supporting people with dementia (with subthemes):

  • Pharmacological approaches

  • Therapeutic (psycho-social) approaches

  • End of life care    

  • Built environment

Supporting People with dementia (Priority area of action)    


Integrated services, supports and care for people with dementia and their carers (Priority area of action)

Carers and Caregiving

Supporting Carers (Priority area of action)    

Supporting carers of people with dementia (Sub-theme of Timely diagnosis and intervention)

Professional practice

Professional practice (Sub-theme of Raising awareness)

Training and Education (Priority area of action)  

In additional to creating the index, key words from each journal articles were also selected. The purpose of selecting these words was for the purposes of facilitating users to search the articles through a key word search.  

The index developed for the journal articles was used as a starting point to organise the grey literature. However, it became apparent that there was a complete lack of grey literature under some of the headings and themes emerged for which there was no heading. Hence, a slightly different index was created for the grey literature, reflecting the difference in themes covered by these two bodies of literature.

The indices for research (journal articles and grey literature) are as follows:

  • Research
    • Journal articles
      • Conceptual frameworks for thinking about dementia
      • Policy and legislation
      • Prevalence and costs
      • Reducing the risk or delaying the onset of dementia
      • Raising awareness
      • Professional practice
      • Early assessment, diagnosis and diagnosis
      • Supporting People with dementia
        • Pharmacological approaches
        • Psycho-social approaches
        • End of life care
        • Built environment
      • Supporting Carers
    • Grey literature (books, reports and publications)
      • Policy development and implementation
      • Prevalence and costs
      • Financing healthcare systems
      • Knowledge of and attitudes to dementia
      • Professional practice
      • Early assessment, diagnosis and disclosure
      • Supporting People with dementia
        • Pharmacological approaches
        • Acute care
        • End of life care
        • Housing, the built environment and ICT
        • Dementia friendly communities
      • Supporting Carers
      • Abuse of people with dementia